These are some of the publicly available projects that I work on when not teaching or writing

One of my ongoing projects is an annotation of the 2010 U.S. Horizontal Merger Guidelines. Official versions of the Guidelines lack some convenient features like internal cross-references, and paragraph labeling. The version of the Guidelines that I maintain at adds these features, along with critical commentary on the substance of the Guidelines and references to scholarly work and caselaw on many topics. This project is made available for general use as an early-release of a work-in-progress, and continues to evolve as my schedule permits. Please contact me with feature requests.


Another of my ongoing projects is work on the VeconLab Software Suite, a large collection of publicly accessible online economics experiments maintained by Charles Holt at the University of Virginia. My contributions to this software suite include the continuous-time pretrial bargaining game and backend support for the VeconLab platform.