Appendix: Video Replays

Explanation of Replays

This site is currently under development. Additional replays, controls, and other functionality will be added incrementally as my schedule allows. Please check back later for such updates, or contact me at to suggest or request additional content.

Bargaining replays on this site are provided as an online appendix to Why Wait to Settle: An Experimental Test of the Asymmetric Information Hypothesis. Each replay represents the complete sequence of events in an experimental dispute, accelerated to 12 times the actual speed of negotiation. To maintain subject anonymity, all identifying information is omitted from these replays, and only a subset of all disputes are reproduced here.

Replays illustrate behavior in the control bargaining environment with asymmetric information. In addition to observed and predicted behavior during bargaining, each replay also contains information on the plaintiff's private information. The light-blue rectangle is bounded by the plaintiff's actual injury at the upper end and the corresponding expected value of the trial outcome at the lower end. These values provide context for the division of resources in settlements and constitute potential frames of reference for the negotiation of settlement agreements in the lab.